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FH Academy | Jeep® Official Kitesurf Center

Lezioni di Kite a Porto Pollo Kitesurf

This is an evolution of the Surf, you are towed by a large kite, which is maneuvered by a control bar. Kite is a simple and fast sport to learn without weight or age limits, the safety standards are very high and who tells you that you could fly away does not know this sport. Of course, like all sports that relate to the forces of nature, it can become dangerous if you do not respect the optimal weather conditions or if it is practiced by beginners without the supervision of experts. Our teaching methods are personalized and created at HOC for your attitudes, emotions and speed of learning. We leave nothing to chance, from meteorological analysis to the use of new methods such as the Kite-Tandem and the use of Pontoon-Boat boats: This is to make your experience fun, serene and safe.


All these phases are dealt with different and individual timings. The basic cost lasts 6 hours and on average all three steps are reached, the achievement of objectives changes from individual to individual. I hope to see you at Porto Pollo and to have the opportunity to transmit the thrill of this unique sport, and to let you experience the wellbeing of Wind-Therapy, which we all need!

  • 1

    First Contact

    With the wing and the material, theory, analysis of the conditions and the spot, ground safety and first piloting.

  • 2

    The Body Drag

    It will allow us to experience the driving force of the kite and together with the instructor we will practice it in the water until we have mastery in knowing how to maneuver it without aid.

  • 3

    Water Start

    Includes departures with the board from the water where you will begin to do the first few feet in glide.

FH Academy | Jeep® Official Kitesurf Center is the only reality in Europe sponsored by Jeep and in direct collaboration with Red Bull. We use only the best materials on the market such as dual-communication radio helmets and cabrinha / NP materials. The best service on the market can be found by us immersed in the Caribbean water of Porto Pollo.

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From our Youtube channel 'video experiences' and videos on the Bbtalk tools used to make the kite lessons practical and unforgettable.