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lezioni di Windsurf a Porto Pollo Windsurf

Windsurfing is not only a sport it embraces different meanings, it’s passion, it’s life, it’s respect for nature, is’t self-challenge to improve every day, it’s sacrifice but also fun, friendship, freedom. Technically and physically it helps and enhances your coordination skills, motor activity imagination and balance. You will learn to listen to the wind, the board and the sail but especially your body. You will acquaint with the sea, the winds and the rules of behavior in the water, the materials and all the little secrets to learn to surf independently and safely, having fun. You can choose your path from the ABCs of WindSurf until you get to the more advanced stages of Funboard or FreeStyle, throughout a series of targets that will be set from time to time.


The wide range of our courses offers the opportunity to try the undecided, to learn the basic techniques in only four lessons for beginners (and then to deepen the knowledge), and to update and improve in advanced techniques to those who are already a "professional".

  • 1

    Private Stage

    Basic, intermediate and advanced to get the most out of your experience.

  • 2

    Stage A-B-C

    From the basic theoretical concepts, the winds and the safety rules you will pass to the practice of basic position and sailing, turning and steering, discover the different styles rest and - planing, carve gybing, water starting, - the fast tack and the departure from the beach, up to the lateral thrust and the use of the trapeze.

  • 3

    Stage FUN/FS

    You will learn to manage the board in strong winds, feet in the straps, gliding, water starting and first maneuvers.

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