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Lezioni di Wakesurf a Porto Pollo Wakesurf

Wakesurfing is an aquatic sport in which a rider moves behind a boat, following and riding the wake of the boat without being dragged by it.


In the lessons we provide the necessary substantial equipment and the Life Jacket. In each lesson the presence of a qualified instructor on board is foreseen, in English as well.

Surfing the endless wave: the dream of any surfer. Thanks to our wakeplate boats, we can create a beautiful wave. Using a special surfboard, the start is done with a very short bar so that you are at a distance of about 2 meters from the boat. By refining the technique it is possible to leave the sling and surf hands-free until the leg force is exhausted.

This discipline, simple and adrenaline, is feasible at all ages. Lessons will be held for beginners, and for the more experienced it will be possible to rent out.

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