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lezioni di Kitesurf e Windsurf a Porto Pollo PORTO POLLO ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS WIND SPOTS IN THE WORLD

"We came to this beautiful spot on a day with over 40 knots of Mistral wind. In front of us two large bay, crystal clear and turquoise water and the possibility to choose whether to sail with a chop of one meter or with the flat water like a salt lake. All in complete safety with a sandy bottom and costs less than a mile for 360degrees, a perfect natural gym!"

This is how ROBBY NAISH described Porto Pollo, the wonderful Sardinian spot a few kilometers from Costa Smeralda and the city of Olbia. The proximity with Corsica, the morphology of the territory and the Venturi effect make that in the summer months windy days are very frequent, with mainly NWN direction and 18-20 knots intensity. The best winds for the spot of Porto Pollo are the north-east and the east wind coming from the east quadrant, and the north wind, the mistral and westerly for to north-north-west quadrant.

The two beautiful bays, separated by a dirt road that leads to Isola dei Gabbiani, are exclusively dedicated one to windsurfing and the other to KiteSurf.

The Kite Area, with the launch authorized by the port authorities, is located in the west bay, close to the River Liscia and looks like a very long beach, free of obstacles and for the exclusive use of the kiters.

For to the complete absence of barriers, the Porto Pollo spot is ideal for beginners and advanced riders, although, depending on the direction, the wind can get a little gusty.

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